Important Of Water Management And Your Property Value

2014.02.19-NRDCThe value of a property is determined by quite a few factors such as the age, location, size, type of construction and last but not the least the manner in which scarce resources are used. When we talk about scarce resources there is no denying the fact that water has a very important role to play. It is without any doubt one of the most scarce commodities on the earth. Hence, the value of your home would be determined by the way you have planned to make use of this scarce commodity. If you value your property from a professional valuer, there is hardly any doubt that he will place a lot of importance to this factor. He will go a bit deep into it and find out the various steps that you have taken to conserve water and also make efficient use of it. The better you are in this, the higher will be the value of your property. There have been many instances where the value of your property could increase by quite a few thousand dollars just by improving upon water storage and water usage standards.

There is no doubt that water conservation is no longer a choice but has become a necessity. At the same time, we have to bear in mind that making your home water efficient does not cost you lot of money. Simple techniques and choosing the right gadgets can certainly go a long way in helping you to save lot of water which will stand you in good stead when it is needed the most. For example, using water faucets that close automatically, using water efficient pumps and motors in your home are a few important tips that could help you to conserve water and avoid wastage.

Further you should also have in place suitable water conservation methods. For example, in many homes and also in many municipalities, rain water harvesting has become mandatory. Just by spending a few hundred or even few thousand dollars, you could be saving thousands of gallons of water over a period of time. It will without any doubt come to your rescue whenever there is a drought or when the water tables go down because of reasons not exactly under your control.


Water Resources And Buying A Home

water-pollution-euBuying a home or an apartment is a very major decision for most of us. There are quite a few things that must be taken into account. One of them is understanding the importance and significance of conservation of water. Almost all real estate promoters and builders pay a lot of attention for efficient water management systems when building homes are apartments. As customers we also have a responsibility to conserve water when we buy homes or apartments.

There are a number of ways and means by which people can conserve water in their homes. Using water-efficient pumps and motors can go a long way in saving water. The kitchen and bathroom are the two main places where lot of water is consumed. According to statistics most water wastage takes place in kitchens and bathrooms. This can be prevented by using some simple gadgets. Today many homes have installed auto-stop taps. This helps wastage of water especially in homes where there are children. Studies have shown a huge quantity of water is wasted by children while brushing their teeth in the morning. By opting for auto-stop faucets, this wastage can be prevented to a large extent.

If you have a home, you will certainly a garden. Water is very important for keeping the garden in good shape. Lot of water is wasted while taking care of the garden. A good and efficient water management system should pay attention to recycling of rain water, which is also referred to as rain–water harvesting.

The value of a modern house depends on various factors such as location, age, condition, size, and most importantly the type of water management systems that are in place. There are instances where the value of a home has gone up by a few thousand dollars just because efficient water management practices have been put in place.

There are quite a few resources available on the internet that can help you to find out important sources of information about scientific and efficient water management systems. Though water management in homes and apartments is still in its nascent stage, the day will not be far off when preserving water will become a necessity rather than a choice. It is better to wake up today rather than being caught on the wrong foot at a later point in time.


Water Resources Management And Real Estate Purchases

piechartWhen buying a home the onus lies on the purchaser to find out whether there are inbuilt steps for conservation of water. For example, it is mandatory in many parts of the country to have the right rainwater harvesting methods in homes, offices and even commercial establishments. Hence, when you are in the process of buying a home, you should always keep this point in mind. The next important point is to find out whether the builder has installed appliances in the kitchen, bathroom and other places which could prevent wastage of water. When you have kids in home it is quite normal to see lot of water being wasted when they use the wash basins and also the faucets. It is therefore important to look out for auto-closing faucets especially when you have children in homes.

Though bathing is something that is liked by most of us, it goes a long way in wasting water. It would therefore be better to go in for showers which are known to consume much less water. If you have a garden you should make it a point to go in for grass that is grass resistant. Or else, you would be spending on gallons of water tending for vegetation in your garden and this could be a problem when there is a drought or water shortage. Using recycled water to wash cars is a great way to save water and be responsible as a citizen of this planet.

If you have a swimming pool, it would be better to have it covered because during summer an average of 500 gallons gets evaporated. Just by spending a few hundred dollars you could be saving thousands of gallons of water each month. It is important to keep these points in mind because today valuers are also paying a lot of attention to water conservation steps. The better the water conservation tools, the higher will be the value of the homes.


Real Estate Properties And Intelligent Water Resources Management

residentialIn fact given the scarce water resources, today’s real estate builders and promoter pay a lot of attention to scientific and effective water management. There are many cities and towns    where the local authorities have also made it mandatory to understand the importance of conservation of water and scientific management of the same. For example, rain-water  harvesting is now becoming extremely important in real estate projects, however big or small they might be. It is mandatory to ensure that rainwater does not get wasted and sent back to the ground so that the groundwater sources can be recharged again.

Further today many homes are paying lot of attention to wastage of water as far as their daily  usage is concerned. It is not only about wastage but also scientific usage of the same. Let us try and learn a bit more about the same over the next few lines. There are a number of ways and means by which water wastage can be reduced. Replacing conventional water faucets with water saving taps could be considered. They are referred to as automatic water taps and  they play a big role in saving significant amount of water especially in homes where there are children.

Your garden and backyard can also play a big role in conserving water. Instead of letting rain water flow away, you could find out ways and means to store it. The stored water can be diverted to your main underground water source. This will certainly play a big role in recharging the water source not only for you alone but the entire community. Last but not the least, today’s property valuers also place a lot of important to conservation of water and efficient water management methods. Hence, if you wish to see the value of your home increasing by a few thousand dollars, you must certainly pay important to scientific and sustainable water management techniques.


Growing Importance Of Water Resources Management

SEECON 2010 IWRM highlightEfficient management of water resources is not something that can be thrust downwards. In fact it should move from the bottom and should be implemented at the micro level. There are a number of ways and means by which efficient water management is possible in our homes and apartments. Simple devices installed in the kitchen and toilet can play a big role in wastage of water. Installing self closing faucets could go a long way in wastage of water and it is perhaps the most primary task as far as efficient management of water resources is concerned. It would be pertinent to point out that huge amount of water is wasted in the morning by young children when they use wash basins for brushing their teeth and washing their faces. This can easily be plugged by the installation of these self closing faucets.

The same is the case with way we use water in the toilets. There could also be self closing devices installed in commodes which could also help in preserving precious water. In the same light, if we have our own individual homes, the garden could play a big role in recycling water back to the ground instead of being evaporated. This can be done by ensuring collection of water in a particular area and then diverting it back to wells where they could be absorbed by the ground to enable recharging of ground water.

On a macro level, the constructors and real estate promoters also have an important role to play. In fact it would be pertinent to mention here that valuation of a home would also depend to a great extent on the kind of water management systems that are in place. Many property valuers and appraisers pay a lot of attention to this area and they are always ready to increase the value of homes that have proven water resources management tools and techniques in place.